Wrede School

A man by the name of Friedrich von Wrede owned the land on which this school was built.  Some of the early organizers were Julius Ransleben, May Ransleben, Carl Hilker, Jacob Usener, William Schnerr, Theo Boos, and Louis Crenwelge.

    The wood school building was built in 1896 from lumber hauled by wagon from Comfort, Texas.  By October 15, 1896, school had started.  A hand dug well supplied water for the school.   The school is located on the Kerrville Highway close to Lady Bird Park.  It has never moved from this location.  Bear Creek school was consolidated with Wrede School in July 1949.  During 64 years, Wrede had 24 teachers who served at different times, some of whom left for a number of years and later returned.  Wrede was a two-teacher school from 1949 until 1959.  During this time, the enrollment reached approximately 53 students.  The salary for a teacher starting in 1896 was about $28 per month.  By 1959, the teacher might have received $288 per month.

The school was also used as a community center where the people would get together for parties and dances.  The 4-H club and the Extension Homemakers Club would also meet here.  In later years, elections were held at this schoolhouse.

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