Albert School

In 1891, one acre of land on Williams Creek was bought for $1.  A one-room log cabin was built and School District #38 was established.  In November 1897, in order to move the school away from the creek to a more accessible area, a new 1-1/2 acre tract of land was bought for $5 in what is now known as Albert.

In this new limestone rock building, lessons were only taught in German for a number of years.  Later, however, English was also taught.  By 1922, two teachers were needed for the growing number of students so another room was added with an enclosed porch between the two rooms.  The school enrollment at this time was 70 students.  The new room was constructed of wood with brick faced tin exterior.  Each room also had its own chimney for the wood burning stoves.

Reverend Arhelger tells what he remember about the Albert School, from about1895.  "John Merz taught us reading and writing in German and in English at the Albert School... he was a scholar in his own right and a strict disciplinarian.  The primary language of instruction was English, even though there were only two families in the community that were exclusively English-speaking at the time. Farmers' children grew up on the farm in the  cotton patch, but they'd try to have all the cotton picked before school began in September.  It was important that the children did not miss school."  (from M.Martinello with Ophelia Weinheimer  "The Search for Emma's Story").  Another interesting fact is that in 1920 and 1921, future President Lyndon B. Johnson was enrolled as a student.

In 1949, student enrollment dropped considerably and the students were contracted to the Stonewall School District.  On June 12, 1950, the majority of the qualified voters in District #38 voted to consolidate with Stonewall.

Williams Creek School (Albert) has established a community club and holds regular club meetings, sharing meals, and playing cards and dominos.  The school is also used today for reunions, family parties and other
community activities.



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